Raleigh Bat Removal Control Company Gives Advice about Bats in your Home

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Raleigh Bat Removal Control Company Gives Advice about Bats in your Home

One of the Triangles leading experts in bat control and bat removal offers advice.


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With the warmer days ahead, Bat Busters of Raleigh is gearing up to handle frantic calls from residents and business owners who have encountered to close to call bat encounters. Bat Busters of Raleigh are wildlife damage control agents through the state wildlife commission who are license and trained to deal with wildlife and human conflict situations.

The Harnett Dispatch had a chance to set down with one of the agents from bat busters of Raleigh and discuss what some of the signs are and issue that the general public may encounter when it comes to bats.  D. Ruffin an agent with Bat Busters of Raleigh said that in most cases people are unaware of a problem until it shows itself. “Bat are beneficial to the environment and are fine when in their natural habitat, the problem arises when they pick areas in homes and commercial buildings to set up their roosting and maternity sites.”

Some signs of bats in structure show up in evidence left behind such as guano which is the fecal manner that builds up in their roosting sites. The guano looks like mouse droppings and can be found in attic areas near gable vents and on driveways and areas around the exterior of the house where bats are roosting above.

Bats’ roosting in the attic is a very common issue and must be addressed in order to reduce the number and damage caused by the guano.

There is health risks associated with bats living in dwelling occupied by humans such as Rabies Histoplasmosis. Rabies is a terrible virus that left unattended can lead to death. In most cases if humans come in contact with a bat it is recommended that they seek medical advice for further information about vaccinations available.

Mr. Ruffin said “if you come in contact with a bat and you’re not sure that you came in contact with it you should seek medical advice and follow their guidelines. Bat Busters of Raleigh specializes in the control and removal of bats in the attic and structures in the Triangle area. They have been providing expert service to residents and business owners for over 14 years.

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