Bat Control in Apex, Raleigh, Cary North Carolina check you attic for Bats


Bat Control in Apex, Raleigh, Cary North Carolina check you attic for Bats

It’s the time of the year in Apex, Cary, and Raleigh when bats are known to roost in attic and structures throughout the Triangle. The babies are about to take flight. In July of 2013

Bats are known to be in attics throughout the Triangle and many people are able to find them seeking shelter in their homes during this time of the year. Bats are seeking out shelter to have their babies in attics throughout the Apex, Cary, Raleigh, and Holly springs area. Bat can cause unwanted fecal matter in homes and are the number 2 vectors of Rabies in the Raleigh, Cary, and Holly Springs area.

Many people wonder what they should do if they come in contact with a bat living in their home or attic. The first thing you should do if you come in contact with a bat by physical contact is try to capture the bat or contact a local Wildlife Damage Control agent to assist you in capturing and removing the bat. The wildlife damage control agent will then contact your local animal control and have the bat tested for rabies which is a deadly virus spread by blood or fluid contact with a bat that is positive for rabies. In most cases the percentage of bat carrying rabies is low but the protocol should be followed due to the nature of the disease

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